The Disney, Indiana Podcast
In this bi-weekly podcast, your hosts Tracey and Scott take you to Disney, Indiana and discuss books, movies, music, theme parks, video games and whatever else in the Disneyverse they'd like to talk about. They'll share audio clips, interviews and other surprises along the way. If you enjoy all aspects of the Mouse, come hang out in Disney, Indiana. Disney, Indiana cannot be found on any standard map. It's more of a state of mind, or more precisely a state of heart.

In today’s episode, our hosts,Tracey and Scott invite Alexis and Emily, two members of the Disney cover band The Little Mermen to the Ink and Paint Club to talk about their musical group and their upcoming 4-city swing through the midwest. Scott and Tracey continue the tropical twist with January’s Coast to Coast Attraction Attack -- where Disneyland and Walt Disney World go head to head in terms of their matching attractions -- featuring the two dark ride attractions based on The Little Mermaid. Along the way they will call over to the Main Street Cinema and wrap up with a bit of a plug for their guests

Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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In today’s episode, our hosts, Tracey and Scott travel back in time and across the pond to present their coverage of Mary Poppins Returns, the latest Disney live-action theatrical release. They delve into the production info for the film, its marketing, and premiere, the critical and popular response, as well as their thoughts on the film. Along the way, they tune into WWED for some Mary Poppins music and wrap up the show with a look forward into 2019. Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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