The Disney, Indiana Podcast
In this bi-weekly podcast, your hosts Tracey and Scott take you to Disney, Indiana and discuss books, movies, music, theme parks, video games and whatever else in the Disneyverse they'd like to talk about. They'll share audio clips, interviews and other surprises along the way. If you enjoy all aspects of the Mouse, come hang out in Disney, Indiana. Disney, Indiana cannot be found on any standard map. It's more of a state of mind, or more precisely a state of heart.

In today’s super-hero-sized episode, our hosts, Tracey and Scott share the recordings they made during their Marvel Movie Marathon, where they watched the first sixteen films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the Marvel One Shot short films -- all in the span of a three-day weekend! Join Tracey and Scott as they take this 41-hour voyage to prepare for Avengers: Infinity War, which is coming out at the end of the month. They also call over to the Main Street Cinema and wrap up the show with a reminder about Avenger Day at the Hall of Heroes SuperHero museum. Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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On this episode, our hosts, Tracey and Scott make up for missing April's Disney renaissance segment with a double-shot of this celebration. They start with a look at the legacy of 1989's The Little Mermaid, discussing how the film performed in the theater, the home video releases, the soundtrack and where you'll find Ariel and her fishy friends at the Disney theme parks. After surfacing, Tracey and Scott turn their attention to the production of 1991's Beauty and the Beast by looking at Disney's history with the film, the creation of the story, the music and the casting of the characters. Along the way, they'll check in with Mortis to learn out the new upcoming direct-to-the-cinema feature and then wrap of the episode with a look at the future episodes of the show.  Welcome to Disney, Indiana!

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